Let’s TOON Caricatures! : New Look


Yep, times are a-changin’, and so is my Let’s TOON CARICATURES book. I am coming DANGEROUSLY close to the end of our second printing of this title, and I am shopping it around to some new printers to do our third. Someday, I am going to update the entire book and bring it closer to how I actually draw these days ( I drew some of the material in the book a DECADE ago). But for now, I am just updating the cover (and maybe a page here or there… we’ll see). With a new kid, a new dog, and an ever evolving drawing style, I had to do SOMETHING.

In contrast, here’s the original (current) cover. I don’t want people to think it’s a totally revamped version of the book, so I wanted to stay in the same basic style and look of the original image. That was a bit of a challenge, to meld my current style with that of a decade ago. I think it worked pretty well, though. It DOES make me look forward to a totally new version in the future. One of these days….

The book continues to surprise me, training artists around the world for over six years , and it’s sales are actually stronger than ever ( thanks to a combination of Amazon.com, our websites, and our retail stands).

Here’s to the future… the new cover is just the first step!


3 thoughts on “Let’s TOON Caricatures! : New Look

  1. I am totally loving your blog! I am desperate to learn caricature. Is the new (2009) version available? I know you are super busy, but I would love to get my hands on a copy! You're work is truly incredible, I wish I had a quarter of the talent you do!

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