Mr. Saturday Night


This week’s “Toony Bin” submission. I didn’t know exactly what they had in mind with the subject, but just decided to let my pen roam. In the new Sketchbook Pro 2010, to be exact. I downloaded the trial recently, and have been trying it out. There’s a few things I’d change here and there (isn’t there always?), but overall, I liked how this guy turned out. BTW, I even colored it in Sketchbook… a first. All I did in Photoshop this time was the chalky bg.


7 thoughts on “Mr. Saturday Night

  1. That's very nice work, Keelan. As usual. :)Hey, you know what a really off the wall interpretation would be for "Mr. Saturday Night?" Put the guy in a dark suit and set him down in church! (Seventh-Day Adventists plus many Catholic churches have Saturday night services). That would have thrown the Toony Bin folk for a loop. It would have been funny for that reason alone! :)I first got to know your work through your book, "Let's Toon Caricatures" so I consider you to be kind of a mentor in that sense. I've noticed you don't post much anymore. I guess life is kind of keeping you busy.

  2. BTW, I also meant to ask if you find something more convenient about Sketchbook as opposed to Photoshop? I haven't tried Sketchbook yet, my only complaint about Photoshop is that the interface takes up to much screen real estate on my laptop (unless you minimize all the tools..then I can't find anything:).

  3. True, that would've been a different interpretation! Good idea.As for Sketchbook, I like it because drawing in it feels more natural than in Photoshop. Never could get the line sI wanted in PS. Plus, Sketchbook is crazy cheap, which always helps!The newest Sketchbook also allows for making a custom palette, a huge improvement over the version I had previously. Friend and inspiration Stephen Silver strongly reccomended Sketchbook to me last year at the NCS, and I love it!

  4. Life HAS been busy, that's for sure. Plus, with blogs, the return on your time invested isn't that great. It DOES keep me more motivated to post, though, when I get regular comments from readers. So thanks, Pag!

  5. It's always inspiring (for me, at least) to see your work here. :)NOTE: On your Live Draw ad ..Over there… ->Yes, that one. I went to look at it – and at near the bottom of that page it says "For more information, please visit this products webpage" But when I clicked on it, it takes me to your now-closed WordPress blog. Is that something that you might want to edit?Anyway, you've now convinced me to try Sketchbook: I feel like I need to get away more often from the markers and Prismacolors and join the 21st century. :)Thank you!! 🙂

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