Reel Life


Oops! I suddenly realized that I hadn’t posted this episode of my “Reel Life” strip on THIS blog. It was over at my old WordPress Blog. So, I brought it over here and reposted. I got a lot of good feedback on this one, to me personally and through emails and the blog, so it enrouaged me to do a few more. This is a strip concept I’ve been toying with for a few years, with a buddy of mine who helps on the writing sometimes (and helped me develop the characters and premise of the strip… hey, Jeremy!). He wrote a bunch of episodes a few years ago for me, and they’ve all been on the backburner… WAY back on the backburner. But, every once in awhile (usually when the annual NCS meetings get close), I’ll start thinking about the strip again. I’ve changed it a lot recently, reworked the concept and characters a lot, and have written quite a few episodes on my own (including the two posted on my blog so far). Let me know your thoughts.

Oh, and the strip won’t usually be this one panel format, I don’t think. Too hard to tell stories in. But, I really like one panels, so I’ve been trying it out just for fun.


2 thoughts on “Reel Life

  1. This one’s totally hilarious Keelan! Dude.. I LOVE THE “1” panels!!!! My all-time favorite was the “Family Circus” cause it was a quick read.. and always came out the funniest to me compared to the rest! It’s amazing how one can make something soooooo funny with just a few brief words! I find that being a totally different talent in itself! I wish I could do it! 😀 Man.. I hope your publishing these somewhere.. (like maybe the NCN magazine or something?) and if not…. what’s taking you so long?!?! 🙂

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