Show and Tell: My Sketchbook!


For the first “Show and Tell” Feature back at my Blogger blog, I figured I’d let you know about MY sketchbook. Hot off the presses:


Lately I’ve had the chance to work on some projects that I’ve had going on for years, that have been “on the backburner”. Little things like a graphic novel (70+ pages so far….might be finished in the next decade…LOL), and my first sketchbook! It’s full color, and comic sized. The work in it is all from my live gigs, and from life drawings in my personal sketchbooks. It’s all in my character design/animation style that I’ve been doing for so many clients these past few years.

I decided to do print the sketchbook through my good buddies over at . They’ve got a great print on demand service, their books are gorgeous, and you can order it directly from their site at this link:

Let me know how you like it! ( I also just added a permanent link to it on my sidebar).


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