Toon Weekly: Zombie!


Well, ya know, I went around and around on this Toon Weekly challenge again. Almost thought about not participating for the first time. See, I don’t like Zombies (sorry, Justin). It’s the whole evil supernatural thing. I kinda like the whole “apocalyptic, end of the world, virus that wiped out humanity” zombie, ala “28 Days”, but even if I drew with that in mind, it would still look like a “regular” Zombie to the rest of the world. My first thought, then, was to do this:

Zoom Bee!!! Get it?

Well, what can I say? I liked “Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew” when I was a kid, and DC recently came out with a new version of it, which my nine year old daughter has been digging. So, anthropomorphic animals are on my brain. Then, I decided on another angle….

I’ve had this extreme christian, fallen angel and vampire butt kickin, version of a Punisher/Hellboy type story in my head for years that I’ve mentioned ever so briefly and cryptically on the blog before. So, I decided this character would be adding zombie butt kickin to his repertoire as well… Kinda sloppy, kinda unclear in spots, but I like the sketchy, almost woodcut look to it. Kinda fits the story, to my way of thinking. You just know that zombie is about to get a hurtin….


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