Toon Weekly-Under the Sea


Hey, kids…’s time for the “CLEM and SHECKY show”!!!

Sometimes, certain assignments just don’t interest an artist as much as some others might. Next week’s “Under the Sea” challenge for Toon Weekly was one of those for me. I just couldn’t get the darn “Little Mermaid” song outta by head once I read the title of the challenge. Maybe it’s from drawing so many little girls as Mermaids at our caricature stands here in Orlando over the years, but I just thought “Ugh” when I saw this is what the subject was.

Once I got started though, I kind of liked the goofy “team” I put together here. Clem (the fish) and Shecky (the shark), are bestest pals, in the tradition of Ren and Stimpy. Clem is the smart, devious, pessimistic one (I like that he’s wearing a hat). Shecky, predictably, is the big, strong, naive, kinda dim one.

By the way, the Toon Weekly site is really starting to get popular! You gotta go check out the work over there. A lot of it is pretty impressive. Interestingly, there’s a bunch of the participants that work are have worked with mine and my wife’s company drawing caricatures. Even my old pal Esly, now living in Australia, has joined up. Hi, Esly! I guess it stands to reason that so many Caricature Connection artists are paritcipating… I’ve been really “plugging” it to all of our artists, and…. we’re all nuts for the cartoony stuff!


8 thoughts on “Toon Weekly-Under the Sea

  1. Oh yeah, that song for me as well when I read it. Think mine I started (got to finish) will be OK.Fun stuff Keelan. Creative as usually!!I look cool as a shark!

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