Holiday Work, part 3


Geez. Big group. They also requested lots of little tiny changes after I finished this one. Little stuff like the title of that book being changed, and the guy down in the front with the tie originally had on a sweater, but requested he now had to have a red tie on. Oh well, that’s the nature of the beast on big group jobs. It’s rare there’s not some requested change. I try not to take any of it personally. Oh yeah…that is an ice sculpture of an eagle over there (their company logo) on the right. Yeah, try to draw an ice sculpture when the entire background is ice and snow! Tricky coloring….
If you look on the CC site, this piece is a variation of another big group job from a few years ago. THESE guys saw THOSE guys’ piece (they’re actually clients of one another), and wanted their own version done. It’s a real “monkey see, monkey do” type of biz, as we all know, and that especially seems to be true when it comes to corporate groups like this.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Work, part 3

  1. Yep, Justin, this was my busiest Christmas season ever. Still managed to fit in the Toon Weekly challenges, though! Having lots of fun with that. I DID get to enjoy Christmas, though!More on that in another post….

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