ToonWeekly: Cyborg!!!


For the ToonWeekly Cyborg challenge next week, I sketched this version of a RoboMonkey. Now that I read he’s supposed to have human and machine parts, per the challenge “rules”, I guess his brain is human, and the body is monkey and cybernetic parts. Yeah, that’s the ticket….

I drew him kind of quickly, a bit more roughly than I do a lot of these challenges I guess, but I thought it kind of fit the stinky, hairy, uncouth beast he is. Also, this is one of the few completely digital pieces I’ve done still. RoboMonkey to the rescue!!!


3 thoughts on “ToonWeekly: Cyborg!!!

  1. You know I was looking through all your posts, and after reading “robomonkey to the rescue!” It donned on me that we don’t see many villains from you. I would love to see one absolutely bad arse Keelan villain design! I bet it’d rock out.

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