Toon Weekly : Karate Kid!


On this newest challenge, we were to do character designs for an 80s flick. I chose “The Karate Kid”. Originally, I was landing up with some pretty strong likenesses on these, since I am used to drawing caricatures. But, I decided to play with them a bit more. As if this were a real series, and the cartoon producers didn’t QUITE have the rights to make the characters look like the actors, but still wanted them close enough not to confuse viewers. We’ve seen this happen over and over again in licensed series, for real.

Now I keep singing that cheesey song over and over…

“You’re the Best! Around…”


10 thoughts on “Toon Weekly : Karate Kid!

  1. Well, I recognize Pat Morita, for sure. He’s hard to generalize. Actually, I met him back in the 80’s, when I was a waiter at a restaurant in Hollywood for a year. He was quiet and polite, and sounded like a normal American. Funny.

  2. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this! I have been going over movies in my head, and this one never donned on me. And you’d think it would, especially since someone always tells me my teen pictures remind them of Ralphie boy.Nicely done!!

  3. These are excellent, Keelan. I like how you “suggested” the actor’s likenesses, similar to the way most ’80’s movies were adapted to animated form at that time.Despite not using the exact likenesses of the actors, you were still able to portray the iconography of the individual characters. By showing the clothing, scale and poses as you have, there is no question who these characters are meant to represent.By the way, there was a Karate Kid animated series in the late ’80’s, but I think your character designs are far more appealing.

  4. okay, I’m late in replying to this one. (what else is new) but.. I had to comment. I really love your Mr. Miyagi. He’s so cute! The other ones are cool too. But he’s definitely my favorite! 😀

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