Ben 10!!


Ben 10 is my favorite cartoon on the air right now, with Legion of SuperHeroes quickly becoming a close second (and, with the Justice League making appearances, the new Batman toons are pretty cool, too). I recently bought the new DVDs of Ben10 seasons one and two for my daughter Brady for Christmas (shhh! Don’t tell her!). The thing about this show is that they’ve taken lots of old concepts, like “Dial H for Hero”, Shazam!, the Phantom Zone, and many, many others and kind of mashed them all together, coming up with a new twist on all of them.

But, really, just the simple concept alone is great…. a kid gets a high tech watch from space that allows him to turn into superpowered aliens. All while traveling the country with his grandfather and cousin in an old RV. Oh, and Grandpa isn’t quite as helpless as you first think. Neither is the cousin.

How cool is that? I highly recommend it!


One thought on “Ben 10!!

  1. Does that old RV have a cheesy metal orb inside with blinking, multi-colored lights on it that goes slowly out of focus and transports the kid to a dark room full of old Greek gods?Just wondering.. I think I saw that somewhere before…SHAZAM!!!

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