Superman Doomsday


Saturday night, while Mommy was out of town visiting family, Brady and I got to watch a movie in our home theater. I work so much, I rarely get to do that. But, we had a blast. I bought a copy of the new Superman:Doomsday movie out on DVD. Don’t read past this, unless you’ve already seen it. SPOILER ALERT! Spoiler Alert!

Overall, we both really enjoyed this movie. There was lots of action, lots of drama (some pretty heavy scenes for an adult, much less a nine year old). And, despite the convoluted original story in the comics that this is adapted from, they made a decent story of the whole “Death of Superman”. That was the good.

Then, there was the bad:
1. The art-Luthor was too skinny. Superman has really weird lines in his face. Cheekbones? Brady said they were wrinkles. Where are Jimmy’s freckles? Only Lois looked good…and she looked REALLY good.
2. It was too adult….come on, Superman and Lois getting it on at the Fortress of Solitude, then back at her apartment? In the comics they were married by the time of this story. Having them not married, kissing, and walking around in their ROBES, wasn’t cool. Brady said “So, they’re living together now?”
3. The story. Yeah, I know I said they made a decent storyline out of it…but the original was AWFUL. This one, as much better as it was, still has huge, gaping holes in it.

All in all…I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars. Regardless, we really enjoyed it, and that’s what counts.


One thought on “Superman Doomsday

  1. I didn’t see the film, but this might rank with the all time dumbest stories in the history of comics. Dan Jurgens should have spent time in prison for writing this drivel. Superman, the all time icon for superheroes who has defeated the most brilliant of criminal masterminds is killed by a mindless, alien bully… ooooookay.

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