After the M&Ms….


After the big M&M gig, later that night I had another gig. It was INCREDIBLE to be able to draw noses again! And to have more face shapes! Here’s one I liked:

And a shot of just the drawing.
Love those gray Chartpaks!


2 thoughts on “After the M&Ms….

  1. Hey Keelan, when I do parties I stick to b/w faces so that I can draw the max/hour.Sometimes it’s slow and I think to myself that if I had done bodies then I might have drawn less people but I would draw non-stop.How do you decide whether or not you going to draw bodies – cause I notice sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t.Loved this one BTW – great little toon!

  2. Hey, Zieg! Long time no hear! How’s the trucking? You need to be here in Florida, brother!As for the gig drawing, over the years I’ve went back and forth on it. However, I finally made my peace a few years back with doing bodies ALL the time (unless it’s an abstract gig). It’s our “house rule” here at Caricature Connection. We did this since Disney is by far our biggest “Agent”, and most gigs happen out there on WDW property. With our retail stands there in the hotels, most of the attendees we have at the gigs have seen our caricatures in their hotels. So, they kind of expect bodies, we’ve realized. Plus, that really is what most people think about when they think of a caricature. Classic caricatures have that big head, little body thing, usually. But, I still change it up a bit. Sometimes doing the “balloon heads”, sometimes doing more proportional, “animation character design” type caricatures.Still, I’m always changing things. I sometimes have been known to do just heads, depending on my mood, etc. Particularly if it’s smaller paper, and a couple I have to draw.Enough of my rambling. Thanks for the comments.

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