Recent freelance piece


This piece I did last week was for a client’s 40th Birthday party. She fancies herself a DJ, and loves 80s music. After two roughs (which she paid for), we decided on this image, with plenty of 80s references.

I approached this piece as an 80s themed Bday party, with the client as the DJ. The partygoers are dressed as 80s personalities/song. I fit in references to:
1. “Raspberry Beret” by Prince
2. Prince
3. “Lady in Red”
4. Michael Jackson in the “thriller” era
5.LL Cool J
6. Run DMC
7. Devo
8. George Michael in the “You Gotta have Faith” era
9. Tv’s “Urkel”
10. Tv’s “The Cosby Show” (The multicolored sweater)
11. Tv’s “CHiPs”
12. Boy George, “Karma Chameleon” era
13. MC Hammer
14. Salt and Pepa
15. New Edition
16. Madonna, “Like a Virgin” era

This piece was a lot of fun, and I fit in a lot of people I work with as “models” for the partygoers.
They’re a lot of work, but I kinda like crowd scenes like this. The client is now going to have this piece reproduced on her invitations, and on 45rpm record sleeves for her party.

Yeah, before CDs and ipods, we used to listen to 45s.

Man, I sound old.


4 thoughts on “Recent freelance piece

  1. Thanks, Maria! Yep, Barbie’s in there. As well as me and Ted Tucker. Also Brian Wright, Jeff Carrier, Marco Garcia, Michael Duron,and Kenny Durkin…all guys you’ve worked with on Caricature Connection gigs.

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