M and M’s


Yep, drawing caricatures for a living, you get some pretty “different” requests. That’s one of the many things that keeps it interesting after all these years (over fifteen and counting). Not long ago, I had a gig that was supposed to be “Simpsons” themed, and I was supposed to draw people as Simpsons types. “Simpsonscatures”? In studying for it, I went to the Simpsons movie website and made myself into a Simpsons character there. It took some “reworking” in Photoshop, but I kind of liked the results.

Well….in two weeks I have to draw people as M and M’s. Yep, you read that right. So, lo and behold, M and M’s also has a “character creator” on their site right now. I’m sure my gig is to promote this thing. Once again, I did some Photoshoppery, and here I am as an M and M….


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