Ted Tucker Sketchbook


I know I’ve been talking a lot recently about other artists’ stuff. But, I do that. I think as an artist it is your job, if you’re gonna stay creative, vital, and constantly growing, to seek out inspiration and creativity. I do it myself in many ways….by reading tons of books and magazines, watching TV and movies, reading lots of comic books, and by looking at the work of other artists I admire. They may be the giants of cartooning (really into Ketcham and Jack Davis currently), or people that no one has heard about yet. I particularly like to keep up on the work of my talented friends, many of whom I have links to on the sidebar here.

Well, there are few as talented as my best bud Ted Tucker. He just came back from the Baltimore Con , where he was hanging out with a lot of the friends we made back in the days we collaborated on our own Lunar Donut comic book. That’s been about a decade ago! We’ve kept the Lunar Donut Press name alive by publishing my book, “Let’s TOON Caricatures” through it (into our 2nd printing now, by the way!), and now by publishing Ted’s Sketchbook….

A collection of sketches from the past few years, it gives a brief look into Ted’s mind and talent. If you like my stuff, you’ll definitely want to pick this book up. Everyone has their own style, but Ted and I are constantly helping and pushing each other artistically. So, there’s a lot of similar territory we mine with our styles. I steal from him, he steals from me.

If you want to purchase one of his sketchbooks, just contact him via the link on my sidebar! Tell him I sent you!


3 thoughts on “Ted Tucker Sketchbook

  1. Thanks Buddy!!!!!! I should have an ordering link on my blog within the next week.But if you have to have it, let me know and we can make arrangements.Also I may give a discount (if I can figure out how?) if you say you came from Keelan’s blog.Keelan gave me this rocking cover idea, and he was to humble to mention it in his glowing review, but he helped me, lending his creative mind, thanks again!!

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