Dennis Jones/ Cartoon Bible


Since it’s Sunday, I figure I’ll stay on the cool cartoon Bible theme. Quite a few years ago, I stumbled across this kids’ Bible with really great illustrations. The artist’s name was Dennis Jones. I could tell he probably had some caricature experience, just from the expressions he was able to give all of his people’s faces. A few years later, I emailed him, and sure enough, he had drawn caricatures back in the 80s at Opryland themepark in Nashville. He was amazed I could tell, just by looking at his art.

I also particularly love Dennis’ animals, and the cover of this next Bible he did, a “wordless” bible, told just in pictures, showcases them well. This one came awhile after the first one, so the art is a good bit different, showing a lot of computer use versus traditional media. But it’s just as amazing in it’s own right.
Finally, in looking on the net for pix to accompany this post, I came across THIS book he did. I DON’T have it yet! Oh well…looks like Amazon will be getting some more of my money soon….
If you’re into cool cartoony illustrations (no matter your religion), you owe it to yourself to pick these up! Visit Dennis Jones’ website, too, to look at more of his great work! (I think it’s in my Links on the sidebar of this blog.)


3 thoughts on “Dennis Jones/ Cartoon Bible

  1. Ya know, I bought the “my First Message” and the Second Jones’ bible through Amazon, but I bought the first one through my local Christian bookstore. Yeah, I guess they need the support more, so buy one at a Christian bookstore, folks! Good point.

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