Tour, Tour, Tour, part 2


Kee at Oxford
John Wesley’s picture at Oxford

The nest and final stop on Saturday’s tour was ChristChurch at Oxford University. It was amazing. The architecture, the “vibe” of it, just everything….was really impressive.

Plus, it has connections to:

Alice in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll was a math professor here for many years. Alice was the young daughter of one of the head guys at the school. Many of the characters and scenes in the book were inspired by things and people at the school.

Harry Potter- Lots of the movie scenes were filmed here, and several were inspired by things here. (I’m NOT a fan of these books, BTW, have never read them, and have big problems with a lot of the stuff in them, so this was all a little lost on me, but interesting, nonetheless.)

John Wesley- Who began the “Methodists”-originally a derogatory term by his enemies, by the way, attended here for awhile.

It was a tiring day, but an educating one. Now, finally, some sleep……

One last thing, though, before I sign off- I hear my almost nine year old is reading this back home with her grandparents…


Oh yeah…don’t eat too much pizza and ice cream, okay? Love you, girl!


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