Merry Olde England!!!


Me and Barbie and the Hearns in the gorgeous backyard of their home.
Me unpacking in our hotel room, to give you an idea of where we’re staying (yeah, I should’ve taken the shot BEFORE we through our bags everywhere..oh well).
Steve and Wendy at dinner at our restaurant at Covent Garden.

Yep, our traveling continues. We’re now in the mother country, Merry Olde England. With someone like me, who’d rather stay home all the time, I keep asking….how did this happen? Well, it’s like this… if you’ve been reading my blog this Summer, you may remember our trip to Myrtle Beach with my family and the members of Toxic Audio ( Particularly our very good friends, Jeremy and Shalisa James. Well, it was on that trip that they mentioned to us they were coming to London for their tenth anniversary. I JOKINGLY said maybe we should go along, since we had such a good time here a few years back. When they said they thought it was a great idea, and we realized they were serious, then we started thinking about coming. I did NOT want to fly eight hours over the Atlantic, especially since we’d only been home for a week or so, but, how could I pass it up? I mean, come on, touring England with two of our best buds in the whole world? It was a no-brainer.

We’ve been here since yesterday morning, and are having a great time. My friend Steve Hearn, from the NCN, picked Barbie and I up from the airport (we came in a day earlier than the James’), and took us back to his lovely home (about an hour or so outside of London). He and his wife, Wendy, and their daughter Louise, showed us a great time and took us to a local restaurant called a carvery for lunch. Later, Steve and Wendy took us into London to our hotel. We had dinner with them last night at a restaurant at Covent Garden. They were so nice to tour us around, and were great hosts. Thanks, guys!!!

I was so jetlagged, that I kept falling asleep, uncontrollably, all day long. Just doing stuff like riding down the road. Temporary narcolepsy. Weird. Oh well, a good night’s sleep will fix that…

To be continued…..


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