Working Out, part 4


Finally, the last post on this subject. Where was I in the story? Oh yeah…

After being inspired by my buddy Tom Richmond’s metamorphosis in the gym, I finally got back into the gym myself two years ago, just in time for my 20 year (!) high school reunion. I found you have to take it a little slower, and train smarter than when you’re twenty ( a stint in rehab for 3-4 months for a torn lower back muscle taught me that), but it can be done. And it should be done. I feel younger and stronger than I did five years ago. Somedays, ten years ago. Do I look like the bodybuilding legend I dreamed of being when I was a teenager? Heck, no, as this picture from last month shows! (Notice the strategically placed baby, right over where abs USED to be). But, I’m doing okay for my age, and I intend to keep hitting the weights. The second pic is of my recently completed home gym, which should help me in these goals. No more waiting in line for sweaty benches! Woo Hoo!

In conclusion, let me state my real reasons for getting back into shape. Sure, like a lot of people, I’m fighting Father Time. And I LIKE being in better shape. But, there’s so much more to it than that. I’ve got a beautiful wife, and two beautiful daughters who I want to be here, and be healthy, for. I like being able to bring in the groceries, put stuff in the attic, and move furniture around and around the rooms for my wife until she decides where she likes it. I do all of these everyday, normal, things and more SO much easier than I did before I got back into shape.

Also, I gotta be honest. Iif my daughters take after my wife, which I’m sure they will, they’re gonna be real “lookers”. Have you seen the size of teenage boys these days? I’ve gotta keep working out, just so I can intimidate them when they come over for dates!

I’m really not kidding.

Brady’s almost nine. I only have a few more years.

Gotta go hit the iron….


One thought on “Working Out, part 4

  1. Great picture, good to see the girls are doing fine! I too have started gym again but at the moment it is to shed the fat. Another month and then I shall hit the weights to build some muscle!

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