The Parhams go Toxic!


Let’s take a few days off of the working out posts, okay? We’ll get back to that in a few days. Right now, Barbie, Brady, and I are in Myrtle Beach, SC on a vacation with my family from upstate SC. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., are all here from the Parham side of the family. They come every year, but I haven’t been with them on this trip in oh, twenty five years or so.
Mom and Dad couldn’t come up with us, so a big reason I’m posting these images is to catch them up on what’s going on. Hey, guys! Miss you!

What’s really cool is that this week coincided with our good friends and acapella stars Toxic Audio’s ( run at the Myrtle Beach House of Blues. So, we got a lot of the family to go with us to one of their concerts. It was a great time, and they even pulled my grandmother on stage during one of the numbers. Here’s a few pix from the night. The top is the whole gang with toxic, the middle one is me and my aunt (can you believe she’s 50???), and the bottom one is Brady with her playmates, Jason and Julian James. We’re having a blast…..


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