More Gay, etc.


Here’s a couple more pics of the Gay Dolphin, and one of the bicycle plate wall. This was really special to me as a kid. They supposedly had every name there is on the wall on one of these plates. But IF they DIDN’T, you got a FREE trip to the top of the Gay Dolphin’s tower (probably a whole 75 feet up). Of course, with my name, I ALWAYS got a free trip. It was one of the only times as a kid that my name paid off for me.

We also got to go to the old arcade that still exists down on the Boardwalk here yesterday. Some of the machines in there are from the 1930s, at least. Here’s a pic of Brady, Barbie, Jeremy, and his kids playing the games. Also, we went to Mad Myrtle’s for ice cream. You can see all the smiling faces.

Afterward, me and my girls went to “Family Kingdom”, a small amusement park. I watched them ride. And I sweated.


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