Big gig


Here’s a shot from a biglive gig I did yesterday morning. All of the artists work for my wife and I at our retail locations. A great group of talented folks.

Gigs like this are a lot of fun. It was perhaps our biggest ever…20 artists! I really enjoyed the meal at the Golden Corral buffet afterwards, as well. About 13 of us went to that. We talked, ate, and sketched.

Anyway, it was like a mini caricature convention or something. Good times, good times.


2 thoughts on “Big gig

  1. Gee! I really would like to know everyone in this special group of artists.Once my family in Dallas invited me to have lunch at that place,the Golden Corral and I enjoyed it very much.That was in 2001. I bet you had a great time sharing that time with your staff.I wish I were there! Take care!

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