LiveDraws- Hit and Runs


Here’s some recent live work again. I have done quite a few tradeshows lately. Clients have been great (two of them tipped me really good), people have loved the drawings. When I have an empty chair for a few moments, though, I have been sketching people at a distance, or at other booths, unbeknowst to them. Then, I’ll go over and give them their pic that they haven’t even known they were posing for! I call them “Hit and runs”. It’s a lot of fun for them and me. Plus, the client loves it! I figure I’m being paid to draw, I tell them, so that’s what I’m going to do … no matter what!

“Hit and runs”, though, are pretty difficult. For one thing, you have to be fast. People are NOT posing! Also, you get interesting views, gestures, and expressions. As an artist, you get out of your “comfort zone” really quickly doing this. You have to draw people in profile, facing the “wrong” way, in motion, in complicated poses, etc, etc. They really force you to build up your visual library. Here’s a few “Hit and Runs” from the past few days…


4 thoughts on “LiveDraws- Hit and Runs

  1. Thanks for this post. I did a gig after reading this that was actually at a employee cafeteria. Of course no one wanted to sit for a sketch when they are trying to eat breakfast. So I started to do the OL “Hit and Run.” It started to work after I drew someone at a table with a bunch of people. When one of them got drawn they all got drawn.Thanks Bro!

  2. When I did my first (and only) gig with bodies, these last few posts were great inspiration. I draw alot of the same old bodies in the park and it was fun to just draw people as they were. So I was really thinking about how you drew your live sketches the whole time. Believe it or not, but alot of the parties I do are done on paper with predrawn bodies.Something about California I guessHhmmfff

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