Neat Handwriting pays off


A few weeks ago, I got an email from a really nice lady. Seems she and her kids had been drawn a few weeks ago at a gig at Disney, but her husband didn’t sit for his caricature and later decided he wished he had. I was the only artist at the event (like usual). So, the next day, they went to MGM and got him drawn at the retail stands. They hated it!

Well, when they got back home, they somehow tracked me down. They’ve now commissioned me to do a caricature of the husband/Dad. At first I thought Disney had just given her my business email ( Then I realized she had written me at my PERSONAL email. Curious, I asked her how she’d found me. Seems she’d read my signature on the pics I’d done for her and the kids, and GOOGLED my name. She’d shot photos of me drawing the kids, so that also helped her, since I seem to pop up on GOOGLE an annoying amount of times. What’s really amazing here is that I usually have REALLY crappy handwriting. Just ask my eight year old, who’s always buggin me about it. But, I guess I’ve learned my lesson. I never would’ve gotten this job if she hadn’t been able to read my signature.
Thank God this night I wrote legibly. Good, clear handwriting can be a real sales tool in and of it’s own. Particularly when you have a weird name like mine.

Here’s the photos she sent of that gig:


10 thoughts on “Neat Handwriting pays off

  1. Thanks, Eduardo. Yeah, “Keelan Parham” is a bit more unusual name, I guess, than ANYTHING Gonzalez! Good point! It wouldn’t narrow it down too much, no matter HOW neatly you wrote!

  2. Hi Keelan!My blog is you type it in or click on a link somewhere? If you clicked on my name, it should have taken you to my blog.Let me know if it works!Thanks and I’ll be checking back again! 🙂

  3. Great to hear how this all worked out for both your customer and you! I actually preprint my signature on my paper for these reasons as well as saving a few seconds on every drawing!

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