New Live Gig pics


I’ve been working a lot of gigs lately, so here’s some pics from them that I liked. Sorry about the weird colors…my light on my easel casts a yellow tint to everything, and then I have to try to color correct it all in photoshop when I download from the camera. I don’t draw on blue or gray paper or anything…but I DO shade in with gray markers. Interesting, as I post these, I notice they’re in three distinctly different styles, yet were all done the same week. The guy sitting, and the coffee guy were from the same gig, even. I tend to do that…switching styles rapidly, depending on the face. It’s something my buddy, Joe Bluhm, and I used to do when we worked gigs together back in the good old days..whatever style we thought we could best “capture” the person in, that’s the style we used. Really kept us on our toes, so we didn’t fall into “generics”….


5 thoughts on “New Live Gig pics

  1. That first one is great… solid character. I MISS those days, buddy!I swear to anyone reading this, Keelan would go from Cowles to Kruger to Hirshfeld at times when we were on fire… and at times, wouldn’t look at the person past the blueline sketch. It was truly inspiring.(those days aren’t over… winkwink)

  2. Thanks, Loco, and “Hurricane Maria”You, too, Funny Joe. Man, I hope you’re right…I’d love to gig together again sometime. For now, I guess I’ll just have to be content with takin’ all your money in Poker this weekend….Hey, anybody out there reading this thing, these three who just commented on this post are three REALLY great artists themselves. Check out their blogs too when ya get a chance!

  3. Oh, and Joe, you’re too kind. I HAD to switch around styles and keep trying to raise the bar, just to try and keep up with ya, brother! TRY being the operative word….

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