Once upon a time, my wife and I, and good buddy Ted Tucker, self published a comic book named “Lunar Donut”. We learned a lot on that book, and were doing pretty well with it, getting fairly well known in the small press comics industry. As “known” as you could back then, in that industry, anyway. Life and the caricature business got too busy to continue publishing it, though. My how to draw Caricatures book is published through the Lunar Donut Press imprint so it’s not really dead, after all, I guess. We might even resurrect the comics someday again, you never know.

Anyway, while Barbie and I were going through photo albums last night, we found this old publicity shot for Lunar Donut, that we used to run in the inside cover of the issues. This was about eleven years ago, to my reckoning. We thought you all might want to see it:


5 thoughts on “Lunartics!

  1. My Lunar Donut T-shirt has been worn so many times that it’s no longer a crisp black color. However, I love it when I get “the look.” As in, “what the heck does Lunar Donut mean?” I always say that it’s an exclusive moon-based donut service 😉

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