Yes, the rumors I true. When my good buddy and MAD illustrator Tom Richmond was in town two weeks ago, I did, indeed, get talked into riding “Everest”. Hated it. But I always hate rides like that. However, the Yeti on the ride ( the silhouetted one in the beginning, not the end one, cause I was closing my eyes, screaming like a little girl, and rededicating my life to God by then), was GREAT! So, in honor of my having ridden Everest for the first and last time, this week’s challenge over at my CC Blog is the Yeti! I’ve already contributed a few of them, but this one is my fave. Looks a bit like Illustraotr again, but I was playing with vectors in Photoshop this time. Could’ve spent more time to “finish” this one, but felt like drawing it quickly this time around. MAybe I’ll finish later.


6 thoughts on “Yeti

  1. How about a more frequent posting schedule? Why don’t you post a few tutorials for fans of your book who want more? Maybe some comments about the pens & tools you use?Make no mistake, I think your book and art are great!

  2. Hey, I hear ya! Unfortunately, very few people have ever posted a comment here. Even in the beginning when I was updating on a more regular basis. I’d love to post more, but since I stay so busy with projects, it is hard to do without the motivation of knowing people are actually reading and giving a flip. I have seriously thought of killing the blog all together, just for that reason. But, after your comment and compliments, I’ll let it hang around for a bit. Let some other people know where to find me on the www, okay? I’d love to have enough readers here to make doing this thing, with more regular updates, worth it!

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