McDrawing 1


One of the highlights for me of the recent NCN con was the seminar by my good friend Steve Silver, character designer of TV’s Kim Possible (and other shows). He talked a lot about keeping a sketchbook, drawing from life, yet cartooning it. I’d already been doing that to a degree, inspired by talks with him, both at the cons and privately, over the years. Since the con, though, I’ve been sketching like crazy. I don’t eat out as much as I used to, since I’ve been working out the past few months, but I do eat out more than most people, I’d guess (it’s more quiet and peaceful than eating at home, with a two month old here). So, whenever I’m out, I’ve been taking in my sketchbook. And it’s been helping.

You know, I’ve been working a lot at gigs as usual, and stay very busy with freelance still, but I ALWAYS make time to practice and to study my craft. I recommend it to all artists. Ted and I talk about this a lot. We don’t just draw while we’re on the job. We eat it, sleep it, etc. I, and Ted in turn, learned this from people like Silver and Tom Richmond, both of whom are insanely talented and very successful in their fields. Also from Joe Bluhm, who is also insanely talented and whose crazy success is coming…he’s still young. I feel privileged to have people like them who are my inspirations, whom I can also call friends. Swimmers swim. Weightlifters lift weights. Runners run. Accountants..uh..count. You get the picture. Drawers, I mean..ARTISTS, draw.

Okay, enough soapbox. You get what I’m saying. Anyway…here’s a recent drawing from a fine dining establishment I frequent that I like to call McDonald’s…..


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