Brady Shake


I drew this one of Brady at “Five Guys’ Burgers and Fries” yesterday .She’s drinking a Huge milkshake. That’s a supercool “Omnitrix” bracelet from the supercool cartoon “Ben 10” that she’s wearing. We were on our way to a local comic book show (where we saw Thomas! He and Barry and Jenni were displaying all their incredible looking books and showing off the amazing product they’re producing through their printing biz), when we grabbed a bite to eat together here. Oh yeah, she’s got her Batman Tshirt on too, but it’s not quite visible. Yeah, she’s definitely my kid….the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. A true comic geek already. Just a whole HECKUVA lot cuter than me. (thank God she takes after her Mommy). Anyway, I kinda liked how it turned out, so I thought I’d share. Just a rough sketch….


6 thoughts on “Brady Shake

  1. Hey, Jeremy! I saw your drawing posted in there on the bulletin board as well! Are you still here in Otown? Yeah, I don’t even eat fries anymore, since I’m watching my girlish figure, but I HAVE to eat some of my daughter’s fries when we go to Five Guys. At least a few.Okay, maybe more than a few. But NOT as many as I’d LIKE to have!

  2. It’s a deal! When do you wanta come up my way and meet me for lunch there? Gimme a call and we’ll set it up! I’d love to take a “Five Guys Virgin” in for the first time.

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