I LOVED this movie! Is it perfect? No. Is Routh as good as Reeve in the part? No. However, all in all, this is a really good film. Not as good as I would like, but much better than I had hoped for. I really thought they were gonna butcher it. But Bryan Singer has created a great film, and a fitting homage to the first two Superman movies from the 70s. Please, if you haven’t see this film yet, go see it NOW! And if you have, go see it AGAIN! We can’t let something like Pirates of the Caribbean 2 beat it at the box office.


3 thoughts on “Super!

  1. Pirates was a very entertaining popcorn flick. Superman got better the second time I saw it, and overall I liked it the first time.I know for a fact there is a ton of unused footage that will doubtless make the DVD. I hope Singer does a director’s cut version, because there were several scenes that better explained the story cut from the theatrical release. There is a whole bit with Kal-el in his ship exploring the remains of Krypton and almost dying from Kryptonite exposure that will be especially cool.

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