Tonight, I remembered to take my sketchbook with me when I ate out. Finally! Brady (my daughter…you know that) and I walked in, and there were three obnoxious teen boys ordering in front of us, at McDonald’s. I still don’t understand why, exactly, but one of them had a guitar with him. Goofing around, he was just wildly strumming on the thing, making up nonsensical lyrics…while I was trying to order our food. Grrr. I did say something to him, since I couldn’t hear myself think over his “playing”, and he did apologize and tone it down. But, the entire time we were there, he and his three friends passed the guitar around and “played”. I guess they were just being silly…I looked, and there were no teen girls they were trying to impress. Maybe they were high, come to think of it. Anyway, weird scene. I drew one of them, shown here, very quickly in my sketchbook, and when I got home just now threw some Photoshop color on it.

I’ll try to remember my sketchbook more…


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