Okay, let’s take a quick break from the Class project. No more kid drawings today…only slut drawings. Yep, TravelSlut. That’s this lady’s business name. She wears enormous wigs like this, and she wanted a cartoon of herself done in this persona, to use on cards, website, etc. This client, despite her unusual business name, was a lot of fun to work with…no fuss, and loved the drawings I gave her. I need more clients like that! I like that I’m getting more and more of this kind of stuff, more pure cartooning and character design work. I’m gonna have to do a MAJOR revamp of my personal website soon to reflect this.


8 thoughts on “TravelSlut

  1. The shading is better here. But #@%*!, the whole thing is great.I believe comments have to come from folks that have a Bloggeraccount – which is free and easy to set up. Still this may stop some.

  2. Zach,Thanks for stopping by. Means a lot to hear good comments from you, my friend, my idol. Thanks for the props on Jonny Cash, especially, since that’s in the vein of your abstract stuff as well. THAT especially means a lot. Cowles mentioned he liked that one in an email to me not long ago too. Haven’t done any abstracts in awhile, was kinda getting burned out with unsuccessfully trying to get it published, but with you guys sayin good stuff, maybe I should…. Thanks again for the comments. I’m looking forward to that site revamp of yours!

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