Class 3


So, when they got the “African American Gary”, they decided that although they liked the race change for SOMEONE in their cast of characters, they didn’t like it for Gary. They then emphasized how they REALLY liked the original version they sent. Which was, of course, Carl from Jimmy Neutron. They explained how he was perfect, from the funny hair, to the big glasses, to the freckles, etc. So, basically, they still want Carl. So, my dilemma became “How do I give them Carl WITHOUT giving them Carl?” After playing around for awhile, I sent through these sketches. The first is basically Carl, but with Alfalfa from “The Little Rascals”s, hair. On the second one, I tried to change it up just a bit, and pushed the shapes more, making him more graphically strong. On the third one I did that even more, but really went far away from Carl. All in all, the second one was my favorite. It was the client’s as well.

Until he showed his wife. Now, they want to see a skinny version of “Gary/Carl”.

See, isn’t character design fun?


3 thoughts on “Class 3

  1. I like the center one (number 2). I like the shape you used for the overall body and head. There’s more oblique angles. Good body mass.. and flows alot better. The 3rd guy is kinda too plain (not very appealing to the eye).. and the 1st one.. doesn’t have the smooth look to it.

  2. Yeah, Esly, that first one was my attempt to appease the client’s desire to have Carl from Jimmy Neutron. I figured I’d give them soemthing as close as possible to Carl, but not quite copied. Thanks GOD they didn’t go for that one. If you look again, you’ll see that I made the second one, the one we ALL like better, a bit bigger on the “model sheet” than the rest. This was in hopes that I’d “trick” his eye into choosing this one. Whether or not it worked, he did pick the right one!But, read my later posts and you’ll see he’s still coming up with other options for me to draw.

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