Feelin’ Biblical


On break at work yesterday, I sketched this one. Threw some color on it today with Photoshop, and thought I’d share. Was feelin’ kinda bad because I had to miss church to do the gig, so I guess that’s why this drawing of the most famous giant of all, Goliath, came out of my hand. Also drew a David with his slingshot that I haven’t colored yet. I’ll try to get around to it soon, and post it as well.


2 thoughts on “Feelin’ Biblical

  1. I really like this drawing – I’ve been taking cracks at this particular giant myself lately but never considered the barbarian angle. Thanks for the inspiration! I dig your stuff!Dave

  2. Thanks, Dave. I figured this was BEFORE he went into the fight against David, since he isn’t “suited up” yet. Should’ve given him six fingers, though, looking at it now. I read a book about those Biblical giants one time, and they said that a lot of them had six fingers…next time I draw him, I’ll change that!Thanks again for the comments.

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