Brush Pens


Hey, one of the many cool things about Japan was the multitude of brush pens available. I came back with probably fifteen different kinds, for a total of probably 100 pens. I can’t wait to try them all! This pic is of one of them. I found the pic on Google.


5 thoughts on “Brush Pens

  1. Marlo Meekins! Thanks for dropping by!I found a lot of pens, but I can’t read the names on them! Fortunately, Kage told me that, if I like any of them, to scan a pic in of them and he can track them down for me so I can get more. I’ll let you know which ones I like. Hey, have you ever been to Japan? You’d really dig it. I highly reccommend going. Kay and Kage will treat you like a queen!Later, chick!…K

  2. Rico, Big Al! Thanks for stopping by, guys! Glad you like the blog. I’m keeping it updated fairly regularly, so stop by anytime to see some new stuff. I think I am going to write an article for the NCN magazine, Exagerrated Features, about some of the brush pens I found while in Japan. Gotta get through trying them all out, first, though!

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