Racer 1!


Had a client recently who wanted some generic superheroes. This one is a variation of one I had on my site for a previous client. They liked it, so I changed the costume a bit. Superheroes are such fun to make up. I’ll try to post the others as I finish them. I even gave ’em “working names” as I’ve been drawing them. This one is “Racer 1”


7 thoughts on “Racer 1!

  1. Hey Keelan, thanks for the invite to view your blog (still don’t know if I quite “get” the whole blogging thing yet). Racer 1 is cool, can’t wait to see the other ones. I also think the historical figures are really fun, but the Johnny Cash caught my eye the most, that’s fantastic — did I commit a blogging faux pas by not restricting my comments to the one pic? — J. Carrier, no, the other one.

  2. Competition? I never said anything about that! You still got a few years head start on me, bud! You won’t see me joining you and Rommel on the posing stage ANY time soon, I assure you!Glad you like it!

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